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to steal something for temporary use and then return.
Everyday in english class, that kid has to rosh a pencil from the cupboard next to the whiteboard.
by Dad Gummit January 13, 2010
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The act of whining, complaining, bitching, and exploiting. The etymology of this word is Indian, derived from the Indian goddess, "Roshashandra," the patron of whiners.
O! How Roshan roshed; risen the sun hath, fewer times than I have longed to beat his ass.
by Chrissy Keviv November 13, 2006
Originally came from a label mistake. Later turned into the awesomest dance every made and also used as another word for cool!
Do the Rosh!
by Big Time Awesomeness September 30, 2011
the act of giving head
Bob: so what did you do last night
Billy: man my girl friend totally roshed me

Sally: hey girl whats up
Hilda: sorry can't talk i'm in the middle of roshing
by Hotttnesss April 14, 2008
the act of felatio or head blow job it litterally is the hebrew word for head used regularly at youth jewish functions thorughout the country
damn girl that was some good rosh
give me some rosh bitch
by mama y he done call me dat August 24, 2008
(v.) to party, to do something crazy, to drink, smoke pot, shoot up, or indulge in any sort of illegal substance. the act of doing something worth remembering

(n.) Rosher - one who...(see Above, don't use while speaking of roshing at the same time, this makes them a double negative.)
Dude, its been a hard week, lets go rosh.

Talk about bein a rosher, he was passed for several hours.
by Maduin.420 November 07, 2004
To felch.
Best not described...
by grindill April 29, 2003

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