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The words fumble and scramble together ... Only happens in football (or Pro Evo) when somebody 'fumbles' the ball in the box and when there is a 'scramble' for the ball so a scumble is formed
Oisin: Shit the keeper dropped the ball
Cian:Come on get the ball
** Defender Clears Ball **
Oisin: Wat a Scumble
Cian: Got lucky ya cunt
by Oisinmc14 September 24, 2007
Scottish mumble. The unintelligible dialect of a Scottish person who, tragically, also mumbles.
Could you understand a word he just said?
No, it was all just scumble to me.
by El Domino January 16, 2014
Scum + crumble. Scumbles are gross (unknown) crumbs of goo. Unlike a cookie crumb, which isn't disgusting.
"Ewww, be careful, there's a scumble right there ..."
by Lori Lowling-Kwiat April 05, 2006