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2 definitions by Oisinmc14

It means 'you no what i mean' in short and it always follows something to do with death or something depressing
Person 1: How did he die?
Person 2: He died of a heart attack you know kindastyle.
by Oisinmc14 August 05, 2007
The words fumble and scramble together ... Only happens in football (or Pro Evo) when somebody 'fumbles' the ball in the box and when there is a 'scramble' for the ball so a scumble is formed
Oisin: Shit the keeper dropped the ball
Cian:Come on get the ball
** Defender Clears Ball **
Oisin: Wat a Scumble
Cian: Got lucky ya cunt
by Oisinmc14 September 24, 2007