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4 definitions by Geggs

Falkirk is small boring scottish town that is full of neds
A day in Falkirk is a day wasted
by Geggs August 15, 2004
75 81
Also home to Falkirk Young Offenders Prison where the scummy schemiegadgiedregs of scotlands youth who should be drowned at birth learn their trade i.e
how to steal cars chibspitting and shoplifting when they are not getting it up the ass.
I'd rather die than spend 1 hour in falkirk.

Falkirk = Shit
by Geggs September 18, 2004
65 80
Falkirk is a chav farm bomb in now.
Falkirk is wonderful, aye a wonderful bucket of shite
by Geggs January 23, 2005
52 68
Referring to the accent.
The Scottish accent is the most popular in the UK according to a recent BBC poll. The scottish accent may include words from the Scots language but they are not the same thing.
Milk is pronounced "mulk"
Fish is "fush"

Gavin Hastings the rugby player has a good scottish accent.
by Geggs January 23, 2005
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