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1 definition by Wully_aye

Scotland is the best country in the world!!! If you are scottish then you were born in Scotland. All this crap about being scottish if your mum or dad is scottish is S***e. I'm scottish as i was born in Irvine and had a Glasweigen accent . when i was 13 i moved to aberdeen and i kept my accent although i got bullied for it. I left all my mates in Irvine and it is the best town in the world!
If your from Glasgow then you'll use words like..maw..da..whit..aye..naw.
If your from aberdeen then you'll use words like..awa..fit..fere..bide
If you don't use any of these words then your probably not Scottish.
by Wully_aye January 01, 2006