A promiscuous women, a sexually loose female. Derives from loose cannon. Canon composed by Pachelbel. Parker for short. Footballer Scott Parker
That girl is a Scott
by evo drums June 02, 2015
Scott’s was one of the oldest established shipyards in the world it was situated in Greenock on the banks of the river Clyde, Later Merged With Rival Yard 'Lithgow’s' in Port Glasgow, now sadly gone, all that remains is the worlds oldest Dry dock(unused)
My Father Worked in Scotts for years
by william the wallace March 16, 2006
the perfect combination of heart and math brain, scott is the most amazing partner i've ever had. thick framed glasses, doc martin boots, and western style shirts, scott rocks his style. my relationship with him was the most rewarding so far in my life. it was through this that i came to understand what true vulnerability is, and want that. Want him.
As much as I want him to, I don't think Scott will come back to me.
by mistakemaker January 02, 2011
A rocker that throws down regardless of what holiday is pissing him and his peers off. Most famous for having fought Godzilla with one mic, one guitar, and one hand tied behind his back in an electric metal showdown. A Scott is regarded as one of the most dangerous creatures on any musical scene for an uncanny ability to endlessly pimp women thought unobtainable by hundreds of scientists. Seeing a Scott in real life is the equivalent of seeing Achilles pillage the city of Troy.
Spectator 1: "I can't believe Achilles killed Hector like that."
Spectator 2: "I can't believe Scott banged Achilles mother and sister in a threesome."
by Small Paws December 23, 2010
A gay pirate who doesn't know that his girlfriend is cheating on him with matt damon
Scotty doesn't know that fiona and me do it in my van every sunday
by thatguywiththatname August 25, 2014
A guy who starts out being the nicest guy ever untill he gets used to you and shows his true colours. An angry, imature, easily pissed off, selfish, pathetic, ignorant, shallow, judgemental, spiteful, narrow minded, controling, minipulative guy.

Besides all the negatives, he tries, he is honest, he gives you the confidence to see yourself as beautiful not just easy to the eye and something for everyone to judge.
He can be calm, collected and caring. Funny, romantic and cute. Unfortunatly the negatives shine through more than the posotives.
If this guy had a girlfriend he should hold onto her tight, because she would see through the negatives and the hard fronts, straight through to the sensative, loving and beautiful heart of gold that means well.
If this guy doesn't have a girlfriend then he needs to find a girl that loves him no matter what, and no matter how much they argue she'll still stand by him.
If this guy finished a girl that is all of the above then he is a dick and has made the biggest mistake of his life.
If this guy got finished by a girl like all the above, then she probably doesn't mean it and would always take you back.
Scott you are such a prick sometimes!.. But I love you.
by Lush lips September 23, 2012
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