A friend (male ) who will wager a blow job to another friend (also male) but will not follow through with said blow job
"Quit being a Scott and suck my dick bro!"
by wayne69 February 22, 2014
the perfect combination of heart and math brain, scott is the most amazing partner i've ever had. thick framed glasses, doc martin boots, and western style shirts, scott rocks his style. my relationship with him was the most rewarding so far in my life. it was through this that i came to understand what true vulnerability is, and want that. Want him.
As much as I want him to, I don't think Scott will come back to me.
by mistakemaker January 02, 2011
a nickname for the name "Scott". It is derived from the fact that in almost every public school, there are "Scott's" brand toilet paper and paper-towel dispensers.
Person: Yo Scotts!
Scott: Hey! That's my nickname!
by scottstp July 10, 2008
A greasy, smelly, stupid, disgusting and sloppy drunk retard. May be confused with and American or in some cases a Mexican. Probably has shrunken or no genitals. Over straight or gay.
Person#1: "Yuck, look at the Scott in that cardboard box!"
Person#2: "That's fucking gross!"
by SOkeefe@hotmail.com October 29, 2013
The sibling that everyone has who can screw up miserably and still everything turns out okay.
A. My brother got kiched out of school, but he got a job making $11 an hour.
B. Seriously? Your brother is such a Scott.
by K1L1H March 13, 2010
This guy is so confusing you don't ever know what he wants. Also he's ur BFF's sister and wants to make out with you now what is up with that. Awsome guy. mixed feelings about him.

When you meet him his name might not be scott but you will know when you meet him he's a Scott
That guy it such a SCOTT!
by irockmyvoice13 June 19, 2011
Someone who manages to be more tired than you, while making much less effort than anybody, in everything.
"I'm shattered. Media was well hard for the 5 minutes I was there. I'm going to bed. See you next week." said Scott.
by Matt McBetterthanthom April 05, 2011

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