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See Cheating husband....Man who took a vow in marriage and then screws his slut of a coworker for year before the wife and family of 16 years finds out. Once confronted, the bastard runs away without an apology or explanation.
We all knew Bill was a cheating bastard, because his history is that he can't be alone, and always finds another before ending his current marriage.
by unicorntiny November 23, 2016
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The most fucked up boy in the world. Someone who says he'll love you forever and ever, says you're his world, the only one. Then you find him fucking a dumb pink-lipsticked blond.
" wow, Will cheated on his pregnant girlfriend."

" I AM his girlfriend."

" Oh. Cheating bastard..."


Love, Hate, Love by Alice in Chains.

" You told me I'm the only one...Innocence creates my hell...try to understand me, little girl..."
by don't lie to me. August 09, 2009
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