A friend (male ) who will wager a blow job to another friend (also male) but will not follow through with said blow job
"Quit being a Scott and suck my dick bro!"
by wayne69 February 22, 2014
A greasy, smelly, stupid, disgusting and sloppy drunk retard. May be confused with and American or in some cases a Mexican. Probably has shrunken or no genitals. Over straight or gay.
Person#1: "Yuck, look at the Scott in that cardboard box!"
Person#2: "That's fucking gross!"
by SOkeefe@hotmail.com October 29, 2013
Someone who manages to be more tired than you, while making much less effort than anybody, in everything.
"I'm shattered. Media was well hard for the 5 minutes I was there. I'm going to bed. See you next week." said Scott.
by Matt McBetterthanthom April 05, 2011
An individual who backs out of prior commitments, is always suffering from medical problems, has to have at least 8 hours of sleep, likes sarcastic foreplay, and has night terrors.
Sarcastic foreplay, thats what a Scott would do.

WWSD = Go to bed
by ringo2010 September 12, 2011
The act of jizzing on a man’s face while yelling the name Smorse. Often found in the field of civil engineering.
That kid Alvarado kept Scotting during the steel bridge competition.

You know he Scotts.
by smorse3303 November 12, 2010
A complete dumbass who is worthless to the community and should probably off himself
Scott is completley worthless to everyone around him.
by cruisen January 17, 2013
meaning either shit pussy retarded dumb ass gay stupid
one of the most disgusting fucking things you will ever see

a pile of shit turned into a real boy by the retard fairy at birth he is the offspring of 2 lesbians combining both their piles of shit

gay for mostly black men
stop being a scott just do it
ugh smells like scott in here
my god 1+1= 2 not 89137024 fucking scott
by vincet van go-fk-urself December 30, 2011
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