What Lars Ulrich uses as drums on St. Anger
by cannibalcorpse July 28, 2003
noun: a bin that holds garbage until it is collected
I put my garbage in a trash can. Then I put my trash can at the end of my driveway so the the garbage man people can pick it up.
by cooltim31 July 28, 2004
A slutty loose woman
That chick is the neighboorhood trashcan! We all throw some junk in her!
by old dirty buck November 02, 2009
A person that takes advantage of the anyone and everyone around them for their own personal gain.
Lucas is such a trash can that he received a $10 tip for a service that his co-worker performed.
by USASmitty September 05, 2009
when you mix a bunch of different liquors together in a glass & drink it. Inevitably, you will puke your brains out.
Dude, i got wasted off of trash cans last night & i threw up so much this morning.
by mickeyyy March 19, 2007
A person who has no social life, and have mean looks on their faces. Ususaly people who are "ratty" and dont have a life
Hey trashcan!! Your dumb!!
by sarah hanlon October 25, 2006
A ghetto black guy's name that is often confused with trashcan.

Pronounced: (Trashawn)
Lane: Have you seen that new kid Trashc'an?
Angie: No. What kind of name is that?
Lane: A ghetto, black one.
by Morgan and Morgan FTW May 12, 2010

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