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Asian-denying, extremely racist, high speed, funny man, who hangs out with Jean-type people. One who gets highly offended when perceived as not funny...non-funniness due to jokes coming from popsicle sticks. Doesn't like "mean-mugs" and fast food very often. Except for Sonic's "badass gravy".
Dude, that joke was sooooo not funny. What are you, a Scott?

Guy #1: Man, I'm so high speed, I'm such a Scott.

Guy #2: No, you're not. Go back to reading popsicle sticks.

Scott: I don't deny being Asian. I'm not Asian.

Jean: How Keanu Reeves of you, Scotttttt.....
by nicnic2 January 23, 2011
7 20
The act of vomiting on your best friend's significant other, usually while extremely intoxicated.
"Dude, I so Scott-ed the other night! It's a good thing my BFF's wife is so awesome or she would never invite me over for Mostacolli and Moonshine again! Oh, and the lack of chewing made clean up easy!"
by burpmasterL February 04, 2010
39 52
usually an over-obsessive person
Scott was so obsessed.
by hhhiiiiii12234853 April 06, 2010
34 48
A douchebag- A dumbass - Smelly - People talk shit about scott all the time...
scott-Biggest pile you will ever meet
by randallmean April 05, 2011
8 23
An illegal immigrant to the United States or Canada, usually from Asia or Mexico
Dude, I think that's a fucking Scott!
by applesaucepoo December 13, 2010
8 23
When a friend copies another's homework and both receive no credit for it.
I got my homework back and found that my friend had scotted me.
by Telling Nite October 04, 2010
6 21
a small ill tempered little midget who has a larged dicked husband russell. enjoys cum in every hole and often has sex with cows
dude i cannot beleive scott got a job here
by houseguest888 December 14, 2010
15 31