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1) A quick phrase used to tell a fellow gang member to run away.
1) " 5-0 man, SCATTER! "
by Sam 'Raphael' Senior November 11, 2003
Used alot by the Irish youth. Usually shouted when a fight, or any thing they should'nt be doing, is happening and they see a guard, teacher, or adult.
*people fighting*

First guy: oh shit, Ms Dineen!
Other guy: SCATTER!!!!
#fights #scater #culchie #ireland #irish youth
by The Knowledgeable May 07, 2010
The act of which a group of people (usually men) run in different directions (scatter) to avoid confromation from and unreliable source or trouble.
Oh man there is the principal, SCATTER!

or just simply

#scatter #people #cops #po #trouble #heat
by Kevin Fletcher May 16, 2007
A whore who is all over the place
Man, that chick is so scattered her vagina is the size of a large cheese pizza.
#whore #slut #bitch #nigger #coon
by dgfdgdg July 18, 2011
1)someone that shits on you during anal sex
2)a dog (or human) that eats thier own (or others) shit
1)dont mess with her she's a scatter
past tense: someone scattered me the other night
#shit #anal #scat #buttfuck #feces
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
Someone of a messy disposition, for example they could be lanky, have messy hair, or just generally be disorganised.
Oh look at Christine, she's such a scatter!
by Al October 13, 2004
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