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1) A quick phrase used to tell a fellow gang member to run away.
1) " 5-0 man, SCATTER! "
by Sam 'Raphael' Senior November 11, 2003
Used alot by the Irish youth. Usually shouted when a fight, or any thing they should'nt be doing, is happening and they see a guard, teacher, or adult.
*people fighting*

First guy: oh shit, Ms Dineen!
Other guy: SCATTER!!!!
by The Knowledgeable May 07, 2010
The act of which a group of people (usually men) run in different directions (scatter) to avoid confromation from and unreliable source or trouble.
Oh man there is the principal, SCATTER!

or just simply

by Kevin Fletcher May 16, 2007
A whore who is all over the place
Man, that chick is so scattered her vagina is the size of a large cheese pizza.
by dgfdgdg July 18, 2011
1)someone that shits on you during anal sex
2)a dog (or human) that eats thier own (or others) shit
1)dont mess with her she's a scatter
past tense: someone scattered me the other night
by fulltilt monkey August 14, 2007
Someone of a messy disposition, for example they could be lanky, have messy hair, or just generally be disorganised.
Oh look at Christine, she's such a scatter!
by Al October 13, 2004
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