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The state of one's mind after a seretonin depleting weekend, associated with drug culture, generally refers to the after effects of ecstasy on the following day of consumption.
i'm so scattered after last night.
Man i'm so scat (colq').
by Wassim May 28, 2003
Children of the night. Originally reffered to an individual who participated in illegal all night gatherings as a form of rebellion to authority figures and authorities alike. Used as a form of escapism from the norm with the aid of mind altering drugs and repetitive beats, ravers would "peak" to a euphoric frenzy at rave parties. Raver fashion traditionally was very expressive and loud, utilising bright colours and a baggy look with "cute"/pop culture characters incorporated in the outfit.
Always frowned upon by other urban cultures, being a raver came with a "drug addict" label. Depending on which musical style you were most into determined your "label" and "rave alias"... that's it 4 now. Things are different nowadays, with the age of "ravers" falling and the amount of drugs consumed rising, the original feeling of rebellion is somewhat lost, especially with all the media publicity over the last few years.
check out that candy raver.
by Wassim May 28, 2003

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