A unique woman who loves God... She expresses herself through music , song, and drama. She is the most beautiful person in someones eyes. She doesn't always see things clearly but things always work out for the better.She smiles so big and laughs so loud . She is loved by everyone and if they don't love her then they are in denial , because they just don't know it yet... she is everything that someone could ask for ... if they want someone who defines awesomeness...
Dang that girl is awesome .... she must be a sarah!!!!!!!
by thelonewolf February 09, 2010
Sarah the most beautiful and unique girl you will ever lay eyes on. Always be alert when you come in contact with a sarah they are very dangerous and abusive but do it out of love. Dont ever lie to a sarah this may cause death or serious injury. Sarah is a very tall and an outgoing person and loves to make people happy. Sarah is very cocky and thinks she can beat you in everything, but she cant. If you ever date a sarah treat her with respect and she will make your life amazing and change you for the rest of your life. Very compatible with jakes she is almost attracted like a magnet to them. Sarah is the funniest person you will ever talk to and she will keep you talking countless hours about the most random things. If a sarah does not like you, you will know it. Long story short sarah is the shit and if you dont have her in your life find one quick you wont be complete without her.
Sarah is the cats meow", "Ya i want her in my life right Meow
by big bird33 November 22, 2010
Princess,in Elvish it is Aranel
From Ireland
The most beautiful girl in the world
That Pretty Girl From Ireland!
by DaveyDestruction June 09, 2009
A beautiful young girl who has many friends and a good future in store for her.
Wow, Sarah's such a great person. I hope I can be like her someday!
by SamuelAlexander September 02, 2010
any chick with the name of Sarah (not Sara, but Sarah) is just so cool. kinda shy and quiet, but once you get to know her she is a sexy beast. awesome hair, eyes, and AWESOME EVERYTHING. knows how to spell her name. loves vintage stuff, and listens to alternative music. hates pop music. can pull off anything. even as a kid she is sex on legs.
by CoolKidsarenamedSarah January 21, 2011
The sexiest girl in the world. Basically an amazing girl who is loved by everyone, even if she doesn't know it. She's always upbeat and perky, which makes the boys flock to her! And she's a general flirt, even when she thinks she's not flirting because of her upbeat and giggly personality. She has a great body and nice boobs. A Sarah can be whatever she wants, an athlete, an actress, a singer, a designer, a dancer, her choices are limitless. Everyone wants to be here or be with her, and anyone who doesn't like her is just jealous because all of the boys love her so much.
Boy: Wow, who is that girl?
Girl: I bet she's a Sarah, look how many friends she has.
Boy: I wanna go talk to her, she's really cute!
Girl: Well then you'd better do it soon, cause she's got a circle of boys around her at all times.
Boy: She's worth it.
by sarahgv123 August 27, 2010
a beautiful girl who gets rated an unfair 6 out of 10 when she is really an 11..
Sarah Dees is the sarah
by ottorocket July 03, 2010

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