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A girl who can make you smile no matter what. She would make an amazing girlfriend. She's perfect and beautiful.
Oh thats sarah
by lacrosse.n18 June 04, 2011
63 17
One of the cutest people you will ever meet. She is always cracking jokes and is truly hilarious. She is really beautiful, even if she may not believe it. She has the most amazing hair and is the best person to spend your time with. The most huggable and lovable person you'll ever meet. You'll never forget the time you've spent with her.
I love you Sarah.
by Tabithaa September 04, 2011
60 15
Sarah the most beautiful and unique girl you will ever lay eyes on. Always be alert when you come in contact with a sarah they are very dangerous and abusive but do it out of love. Dont ever lie to a sarah this may cause death or serious injury. Sarah is a very tall and an outgoing person and loves to make people happy. Sarah is very cocky and thinks she can beat you in everything, but she cant. If you ever date a sarah treat her with respect and she will make your life amazing and change you for the rest of your life. Very compatible with jakes she is almost attracted like a magnet to them. Sarah is the funniest person you will ever talk to and she will keep you talking countless hours about the most random things. If a sarah does not like you, you will know it. Long story short sarah is the shit and if you dont have her in your life find one quick you wont be complete without her.
Sarah is the cats meow", "Ya i want her in my life right Meow
by big bird33 November 22, 2010
70 26
a beautiful girl that always makes you smile, she's funny, she makes you feel special, a conversation would never get dull with her, and she's just so much different than any other chick in this world. shes just amazing. and thats not even close to how amazing, and gorgeous this girl is ♥
by larocca18 September 12, 2010
62 21
The most beautiful, cute, nicest, greatest, funniest and smartest girl alive. Soon to be famous for either her musical genius or her dancing. Currently in the studio and going to release an EP in a matter of months.

The best girl friend (not girlfriend as in lover) you can ever have. Helps you through tough times. Shares the best times with you.
Also extremely sexy ;)
"She's so ugly, unlike Sarah"

"She's so stupid, unlike Sarah"

by Wibtib December 13, 2010
71 34
Sarah - A Sarah is friendly,but only to the people who are nice back to her. She expresses herself through art or music, and spends most of her time with friends or at concerts or festivals. She is VERY attractive and very date-able, and there's no reason why you shouldn't love her. She can be shy around new people, but when you get to know her, she's amazing. Sarah isn't afraid to stand up for herself or what she believes in, and all the guys love her.
guy 1: look at that girl over there?
guy 2: she's fit, and she's listening to music!
guy 1: she's totally sarah!
by its only me.. June 26, 2011
46 11
Sarah is a fun, loving, cute and amazing girl. She is always looking after others but can be quite shy at times. Blonde Sarah's are the best!. They normally have great figures and are extremely pretty. They adore all animals and the environment and are great to be friends with! If you get the chance to know a Sarah, honour her and make the best of it, as they will make a great firend and always loveyou back!
Have you seen Sarah!

I know shes really pretty. Her blonde hair compliments her!

She is a really loving friend!
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz:):) October 01, 2010
54 20