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A name give to a female with extreme social skills, enthusiasm, energy and love to give. This person will interact with any human being on Earth. Not only will she show interest in you but you would never guess if thought something awful of you. This person looks like she does not have one bad bone in her body, but give her some stimulants (or any type of drug) and you will start seeing another side of her.

Typically bipolar, entertaining and cute like a beautiful soft lion.
- I met a lot of people today
- Lucky you, you had your Sarah thing going on

Yo I met a Sarah today she was so fucking nice, I think we're gonna be best friends

Sarah: Guys i never get high you know? .... (5min later) Oh my god, I feel... so relaxed... and all....
by moussmouss February 08, 2010
A sexy girl; every guy likes her.

shes cool, some girls hate her..but only because they are very jealous.
few guys hate her...only because she probbably dumped there asses.

she has an amazing ass.
very popular.
dude one: did you see Sarah today?!

dude two: yeah man, she looks sooo sexy!

dude one: i know!! got any ideas on how to get into her pants!?
by john0989786789 December 06, 2010
Sarahs are amazing friends. They love to joke around and are always smiling. They normally have brown curly hair that is always up in a ponytail and brown eyes. Sarahs love to be outside but they also like to hang out at home and play rock band or read. But they also know how to make you feel better when you're sad and give great advice. Sarahs are unforgettable and if you are lucky enough to meet one, you should hold on to her.
OMG look theres sarah! she really should wear her hair down more.
by afrockkkkk July 28, 2011
Possibly the cutest girl you will ever meet. Sarah has an effect on you which makes you fall in love with her. You will most likely feel symptoms such as: heart pounding; head racing; palms sweating; slurred speech; slight trouble breathing and strong urge to hug her. This last symptom will most likely be cause due to the teddy bear factor she has. Warning: Once the hugging as occurred, it is possible you will never be able to get over her.
Person A: "why do you seem so star struck?"
Person B: "so.. what?"
Person A: "oh no.. you must have met Sarah"
by Dobby<3 November 28, 2011
usually petite, and pretty fucking hot. the one in the group that the other girls wished they looked like. nice ass, and knows how to use it.
1: so, who was it you're with?
1: MAAAAAYYTEE, how did you get THAT peice of ass.
by HURDURR May 05, 2010
A girl who loves like no other. She Is the type of girl you dream about who makes you smile and feel like you can tell anything to.
She is cute, sexy, gorgeous, nd beautiful which is why all the bitches hate her because they can't be her.
She is the type that when she walks by makes every guy in the room drool .
Dude 1: Hey who's that beautiful girl walkin in here
Dude2: Ohh that's Sarah

Dude 1: i think I'm in love dude!!!
by Fafa 4-20-11 <3 July 04, 2011
Sarah is the prettiest girl you will ever meet, is very aggressive but very smart. She the his a great friend and very athletic. Everyone loves her. Guys obsess over her!!!

She plays hard to get. And will never be hated.
Is a great friend and the hottest girl evva!
Woah; look at that girll Sarah!!!
by xxheydidntseeyahtherexx April 02, 2011