"Princess" in Hebrew. Sarah is an extraordinary musician, usually focusing on the piano or flute. She is undeniably beautiful with an incredible fashion sense. Sarah is a strong and determined young woman who tries hard to always do what is right. She loves to have fun and laugh and has a wonderful sense of humor. Everyone wants to be a Sarah. The downside to being a Sarah is that her extreme fabulousness tends to anger those who are less fortunate. Beware of jealous and petty girls. You are the flame and they are the moths. Sarah, being pretty much perfect, will accept the criticisms of the jealous and petty in a mature and calculated fashion. This usually results in everyone realizing just how ridiculous jealousy can be. Sarah ends up as the princess and the "mean girls" end up looking silly.
Guy #1 "Who is that amazing woman?"
Guy #2 "Who that? That's Sarah."
Girl #1 "I wish I were Sarah..."
Girl #2 "We all do!"
by DefinitionDefined March 01, 2010
Sarah is a name for a chick who is a total badass mother fucker, but looks totally sensitive and sweet, she can be the nicest most caring girl ever but if you wrong her or someone else she will turn you into ash. She big on justice in society, with people, egos, she is also super hot and sexy blah blah, but in bed, dear god its like an animal being let out of its cage. Sarah is an all around intruiging person, very intelligant and also the coolest person youll ever be fortunate enough to meet. also usually sarahs have an amazing ass. just sayin
"Hey you know that sarah girl we work with?"
"Yea dude shes got a nice ass"
"Yea she does..."
by iamnotasarah June 28, 2011
A sexy beast who makes boys drool whenever she walks by.
That Sarah is such a sexy beast!
by S_a_r_a_h_l_o_v_e_r_1_2_3 July 24, 2009
The most incredibly gorgeous girl one ever is to lay eyes upon, she is a hero, a person who inspires me every day, a best friend, and a person that anyone who is lucky enough to meet should cherish every second with her, a girl to fall in love with<3
Guy 1: "Damn that girl is one hell of a Sarah"
Guy 2: " I know man everyone loves her, she is one special person"
by WmC February 27, 2012
Sarah is the most amazing person in the world. EVeryone wants to be a Sarah.
"Yoooo, you see that chick over there"
"Yeah, I heard she's a right Sarah!"
by Sarahvermin August 25, 2009
A girl who gives the impression of a tough tomboy in order to hide her true self. Usually, Sarah's are very musical and extremely theatrical. Because they are so theatrical, you can never know everything about them(they might assure you that you know every last detail of their life, but they might never truly mean it).
Wow! Sarah is a great actress. I wonder if she really means what she's saying...
by musiclover17 November 17, 2009
A unique woman who loves God... She expresses herself through music , song, and drama. She is the most beautiful person in someones eyes. She doesn't always see things clearly but things always work out for the better.She smiles so big and laughs so loud . She is loved by everyone and if they don't love her then they are in denial , because they just don't know it yet... she is everything that someone could ask for ... if they want someone who defines awesomeness...
Dang that girl is awesome .... she must be a sarah!!!!!!!
by thelonewolf February 09, 2010
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