santa....hes the meany bofeany that tells u to ask for something and never gets u the exact thing that u want and then acuses u of bein bad and gives u a lump of coal instead. no one even likes him there all like get away fat man....
like when u ask for a bike and he gives u a bloody pair of sox nd ur all like i asked for a bike... and then ur all like wheres my fukin bike then hes all like hohoho nd ur like u said wat nw?????? fuk u santa what the fuk is ur problem and then u chuk a brik at his head and he sqaushes rudolf nd ur like all crying coz rudolfs dead and ur like all watd rudolf ever do to u!!!
by santas a dik May 06, 2006
In fact, Santa is an anagram for Satan. True Story...
"Santa lives in hell"
"Santa! I blew that chick!"
by afrobear February 19, 2009
woman sits underneath chimney with pussy facing upward, as man jumps down chimney like santa on Christmas with erect penis facing downward for penetration
Daddy, is Santa coming this christmas?

No honey but I Santa-Claused your mother last night
by durden27 August 02, 2008
A mythical character who corrupts the minds of children making them believe it's falsities.

Also, if the letters in the word are re-arranged, it also spells out Satan.
Santa = The Devil!
by alex31991 July 10, 2008
One of the biggest hoaxes in human history.
Parent: You see, Johnny, there's a fat man who is somehow able to get down everyone's chimney and put stuff in their house in one night.
Kid: Wow!
Parent: Heh heh, sucker.
by Zorui December 26, 2003
Satan spelled wrong. The image of the jolly old fat man is actually a marketing image used by the coca-cola company in the '50s, and used to make the Satan worshiping capitalist ideal more friendly
Santa the god of capitalist economics is actually Satan.
by steve form accounting April 09, 2008
The Myth that is used to teach children that lying is an acceptable Christian practice.
Yes, Santa can visit all the Christian children in the world in one night.

Reindeer can fly.

Someone that FAT can fit down the Chimney with out getting burned and someone that fat can live forever!

The Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy are also real.

OK, you you figured it out, they were all fake and they don't exist.

But believe me when I tell you that there is God and his son did come back from the dead(after three days rotting in a grave.)

I know, I know, there is no way to prove it! Why would I lie to you?
Santa is just like Christ, they are both myths
by Tyler Malone March 22, 2008
a not real characters, also if u mix up the letters in santa

S-A-N-T-A u can get satan

Me:hey kids

kids: hi mister, are u santa??

Me:no santas not real


by Kenny22 February 14, 2008

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