A man, more often than not a Silver Fox who sports grey or white pubic hair...

White or grey Pubes.
To christen a man or Silver Fox who has white or grey pubic hair, Santa, St Nick, Father Christmas etc....
by MissBushcraft November 07, 2011
Santa is an old man, and wears red and white. He has a thick, white beard because he forgot to shave it. He breaks into your house, delivering presents for good boys and girls. Whilst he breaks into your house, he steals the mince pies and your dad's beer, making him obese, before creeping up to the children's room to creep on them sleeping, and fills their stockings. He must be a stalker, due to the fact, he knows wear you live, your name, and whether you have been good or not. Santa has three hoes, unlike Tiger woods.
"Santa, please may I have a pony?" "Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas ____! You have been a good little girl haven't you? Let me help myself to some of your beer, thanks."
by failingsuccess December 20, 2010
a fake guy your parents made up to make you look forward to all year. ( just to see you smile )
me( 5 yrs old ): hi santa.

parent: im not santa

me: fuk u ( i shoot parent and take gifts )

parent: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by HUMPFACE April 24, 2008
Title and nickname of Santa Claus, though he is the antithesis of a Saint. Santa Claus is actually the current incarnation of the Babylonian tyrant Nimrod. Stands for commercialism and oppression.
Defy Santa. Burn all Christmas trees. Death to Nimrod!
by Iggy Hazard January 16, 2004
A make believe figure, like elves, gremlins and eskimoes.
Santa my ass, it's probably ol' Grampa Cripple, stuck in the chimney again. Get the oil and the rake.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 01, 2003
Your typical douchebag guy who likes to wear a red robe and red sweat pants. which is why we call him santa, he also seems to enjoy growing unfortunate facial hair, while being bald at the same time. oh and he's bad in bed.
"its santaaaaaa"
by santaslittlestelf April 12, 2010
Satan when spelled by a dyslexic.
Satan, oh I mean Santa, is coming to town.
by Hexenhammer December 23, 2009

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