Satan spelled wrong. The image of the jolly old fat man is actually a marketing image used by the coca-cola company in the '50s, and used to make the Satan worshiping capitalist ideal more friendly
Santa the god of capitalist economics is actually Satan.
by steve form accounting April 09, 2008
the perfect example of the effects of propaganda and the influence of the media.
think about it, santa fits down a chimney, and FLYING reindeer?!
by thatswicked August 02, 2006
To strip over a video chat.
Guy: I got my girlfriend to santa with me last night.

Guy: Wanna santa?
by santaboy October 25, 2009
Some fat, drunk, white guy who sneaks into your house at night by riding a sleigh pulled by magic flying reindeer.

He lives in the North Pole, and gets a group of slaves, or "elves", to make all his toys for him. Kindof like a plantation.

Santa only works one day of the year, and in many kids shows, he suddenly comes down with a cold (OH MY GOD NOT A FUCKING COLD) on the one day he has to work, so he gets to stay home all day and gets pampered by Mrs.Claus, his wife, while the main character of the show is out delivering presents to all the kids in the world.

Also known as: Father Christmas, Kriss Kringle, Saint Nick.

"Santa" re-arranged is "Satan"
He see's you when you're sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good.
And you're somewhere on his creepy list.

If you're on the naughty list, he will sneak into your house and give you a lump of coal in your stocking. And if you're really lucky, he might give you a swift spanking because you've been such a naughty boy or girl.

If you're on the nice list, he'll give a shitload of expensive things for your spoiled bitchass, and possibly a swift spanking in the bedroom, just because he wants to.
"Santa snuck into my house, so I shot him. Sorry officer."

Santa owns a plantation and a group of elves in the North Pole.

"I have to go deliver toys and miss dinner because Santa is a lazy fuck"

Johnny was a good boy this year in hopes he'll get spanked by santa.

Suzie was a bad girl this year in hopes she'd get spanked by santa.
by Ghostbuster November 13, 2005
a guy who eats to many cookies and then gets fat then unbulivibly fits down a chimney.
Santa is so fat but still can fitdown a chimney.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
A fat guy who wears fur coats, shiney black boots, and owns hundreds of thousands of slaves.
Santa is always drunk.
Santa is such a pimp.
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003
A modern adaption of the German St. Nikolas, once said to give out presents to good boys and girls, now a cheap, easy advertising gimmick, see also crass commerse in the Duncan book of cyinicism
hello santa, here's a paycheck,
by Duncan January 14, 2004

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