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adjective of being dirty; nasty; gross.
"thats grimmy.."
"that girl is so grimmy!"
by Cecelia December 30, 2003
a white person trying to be ghetto
The guy who lives next door to me is such a wigger
by Cecelia March 30, 2005
Person from the country of India. Often meant as explanatory, but taken as derogatory. See also "Indian of the Feather."
Casey I met this hot Indian chick last night.
Chewy Which tribe?
Casey No, she was Indian of the Dot, not Indian of the Feather.
by Cecelia February 15, 2004
a person who is extremely odd and makes constant dumb mistakes
Jessica Struckhoff, I can't believe you just called the security officer Wilbur for a week, thats not his name. You are such a cum monkey
by Cecelia May 07, 2005
a guy (see, girls are chicks, guys are ducks)
in the book weetzie bat, 'I wish for a duck for my friend'
by Cecelia October 17, 2003
pretty much hes a figure of Christmas, weither he ever did exsist or not, he is told to be a pretty fat old guy wit a white beard, rosy cheeks, "a belly that shakes like jelly when he laughs".. and dont forget his classic "ho-ho-ho".. hes pretty much just a reason for parents to buy presents for their kids.. something for kids to believe in..or something like that.
none really.. go to a mall around december you you'll see lots of em.
by Cecelia December 30, 2003

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