First put in picture by Coca-Cola in the being of the 20th Century. Now He has been cloned so everybody can see him at every shopcenter.
Mom : Do you want to take a picture with Santa?
Child: No, he smells weird!
by Kherozen December 19, 2003
a paedophile
'You WILL be good this year won't you?'
by weirdoness December 27, 2003
my daddy
Santa is a hottie!
by WEEKYWOO!!!!!q11!!!!! December 27, 2003
I am santa. I tell all the girls to sit on santa's lap and we'll talk about what ever pops up.
Dirty boy in a santa outfit trying to score.
by Santa Clause January 16, 2004
same letters, same guy...
satan = satan
by steph January 02, 2004
an ugly bastard whos wife has got a bigger belly and beard than him the fat elf shagging biatch
nathen platt the nigga is just like santa his wife is teresa
by con peezy January 01, 2004
that whore in the madonna song that i sing quite well in her voice.. i look like a slut when i sing it, too, so i REALLY got it down..

notice down below that she wants santa to come down her chimney. *cough* whore *cough*

i mean cmon, you have to be a whore to fuck santa. just think of all the dirty lil kids that sit on his lap in the mall and infect him with all their gross lil germs and slobber that they dont clean off their hands.
santa baby.. slip a sable under the tree, for me.. ive been an awful good girl, santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight
by simizzle robizzle, my nizzle. January 01, 2004

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