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The month in which the hottest women are born.
That girl is FINE! She must have been born in December.
by Pseudonym123 July 28, 2008
An excellent time of year where the snow is beautiful, the weather is cold, and the closer you get to the end of the month the more your birthday sucks.

If your birthday is very close to Christmas, it is okay to hate your birthday.
I and four other people in my family have birthdays in December, all around Christmas. I hate my birthday.
by Righteous Thumb October 22, 2008
A shitty month to be a pine tree.
Dude1: dude I'm so high on shrooms
Rob Pue: You know what, December is a shitty month to be a Pine tree.
by Ninja Strikes Again February 03, 2010
The best month out of the entire year. That's why they left it last.
Her birthday is in December.
by j1234c August 18, 2008
The Most Expensive Month of the Year.

Face it. It's the truth, and you fucking know it.
After Black Friday, the most expensive DAY of the year, comes December, the most expensive MONTH of the year.
by Jinx the Shadow December 15, 2013
A month in which everyone eagerly anticipates the holidays, only to be disappointing when they exchange gifts and realize they hate their gifts and are now out of pocket a few hundred dollars. They then spend the last few days of the month thinking about how they have wasted their year and wallowing in self-pity.
December 1st
Chick 1: I'm sooo excited for the holidays
Chick 2: me tooooo!!! I can't wait!

Opening Presents:
Chick 1: Oh, thanks... this is really nice.
Granny: I knew you would like a kitty cat sweater, But whats an iPad?

December 27th
Chick 1: Wow I've done nothing this year :(
Chick 2: Well, we watched some pretty good cat videos.
by pleasegetalife December 26, 2011
1. The twelfth month in the Roman calendar system.
2. A time of extreme depression and anxiety.
3. A period of time that is the outcome of the dissipation of a romantic relationship.
1. "December is universally known as the month for the birth of the Christian savior, Jesus."
2. "John's december is taking a toll on his physically and mentally."
3. "My december was at least six months long, from when she broke up with me to the time of where I was able to ask another girl out."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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