santa....hes the meany bofeany that tells u to ask for something and never gets u the exact thing that u want and then acuses u of bein bad and gives u a lump of coal instead. no one even likes him there all like get away fat man....
like when u ask for a bike and he gives u a bloody pair of sox nd ur all like i asked for a bike... and then ur all like wheres my fukin bike then hes all like hohoho nd ur like u said wat nw?????? fuk u santa what the fuk is ur problem and then u chuk a brik at his head and he sqaushes rudolf nd ur like all crying coz rudolfs dead and ur like all watd rudolf ever do to u!!!
by santas a dik May 06, 2006
The biggest dissapoint in a kid's life
That fuckin' Santa wrote me back a letter...he said there was too much fog and he missed my house..again
by Mackavelli December 24, 2006
the one jesus hates for hogging the spot light during christmas time
"mommy, why do they call santa time, christmas, shouldn't it be santamas ?"
by gravisan November 17, 2006
An overweight personification of greed in today's society. He symbolizes gluttony, slavery, lust, and greed. He spies on children around the world all year. He unlawfully enslaved an entire race, the elves. He cruelly forces unqiue flying reindeer to haul his fat ass around once a year, at great risk to their health.

Furthermore, one that same night, he breaks into every household which beleives in him. He uses the "Enter through the chimney technique". However, rather than steal anything of value, he steals the food left out. Such gluttony!

The cleverly wrapped presents usually contain some useless object the child of the house yearns for. However, one must assume, knowing his other criminal activity, that eventually he will deliver a bomb to some household.

Lastly, he symbolizes that it is okay to be bad. No matter how naughty a child has been that year, Santa always seems to reward him/her with a present.

This year, I will catch this fiend by installing a crossbar in my chimney. If any weight should be applied to the bar, it will cause a spark, which will start a fire in the fireplace.

We must bring Santa to justice!

See Criminal Burglar Pervert Slave Master Fat Ass


Anyone sharing most or all of the above traits
He's a Santa!
by Someone December 21, 2003
Santa is a big scrub who coms to your houses and steals are your cookies and your video games and gives you nothing but coal.
Look at that scrubby Santa
by atmas March 05, 2012
A jolly old fat man known as the worlds most elusive stalker
He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake. Yep, Santas definitely a stalker
by ThatRandomnGuy December 08, 2013
Fat man who eats all your cookies during the holidays. Mythical creature originated in Germany and some how gets his fat ass down your chimney. Best friend is cookie monster. Married to Mrs. Claus. Works little green, pointed eared, dwarfs to there deaths in a factory in a freezing temperatures all year long. Abuses reindeer by sprinkling magic dust on them mutating their DNA allowing them to fly. Children love him, but pee on his lap in the mall.
Billy "Gee Santa, i want a toy train for Christmas.''

Santa "To bad, you get coal cause you have been a naughty boy!!!"
by Bob Hufferman December 22, 2012
not real.
Santa isn't real
by Eggie g December 06, 2012

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