To get raped by a coach who only became a coach to see little kids touch.
Mom-Did you hear about Johnny, he got Sandusky'd!

Dad-Holy fucking shit.
by Buddacris January 07, 2012
Top Definition
The act of being forcefully anally penetrated against your will (either hypothetically or physically) named after once-legendary Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky.
Eric: Yo man how about that most recent English paper?

Me: Yeah bro, it really Sandusky'd me.
by osu5152 November 08, 2011
(Verb)To be forced to give and/or receive anal/oral intercourse as a male prepubescent child or adolescent teen by a male high-profile individual who is significantly older.

(Adj.) To be associated with forcible giving and/or receiving of anal/oral intercourse as a male prepubescent child or adolescent teen by a male high-profile individual who is significantly older.

Additionally, one who is seen openly with said high-profile individual, and who's joint activities include (but are not limited to):




Public Sporting Events

High-School visits

Frequent Gifts on the part of the male high-profile individual as a form of bribery to keep silent about the nature of the relationship
"Those kids just got Sandusky'd."

"This job has such great pay and benefits, but I am under so much constant pressure I feel as though I am being Sandusky'd."

"My father's friend is a great guy, but when I was young I felt that if I got too close to him I would be in danger of getting Sandusky'd."
by FlyinRyan909 November 11, 2011
getting pounded in the ass by a Nittany Lion as a child.
Guys, this is tough to talk about, but I got sandusky'd when I was a little boy. My ass hurts.
by DANKBANK November 12, 2011
the act or motion of humping somebody from behind while yelling "Sandusky'd!"
Friend A: Man, that girl has a nice butt.
Friend B: Yeah, I'm going to go Sandusky her.
Friend C: Hey, at least she isn't a young boy.
by cgrowe77 November 14, 2011
To be defeated, plowed, embarrassed, & annihilated while one is at their weakest. Often used to describe the New York Jets' losses when Mark Sanchez is playing quarterback.
Hey man, how was the game?
Terrible! We got Sandusky'd...

Coach put in Mark!
by ccdoty13 December 12, 2012
(verb)- To sneak up behind one and wrap your arms around the persons waist, lifting them off of their feet and making contact with your weener and their buns.
First person: Ah man I'm so sore today.

Second person: That's no good, why?
First person: Some random dude ran up behind me and lifted me off of me feet.

Second person: ah the tickle monster got you, you got Sandusky'd.
by ticklemonster69 July 26, 2012
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