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George W. Bush
Look at that weener trying to win the war.
by nowayride August 28, 2002
505 251
An idiotic doofus. Much like dork, weener is a 'penis' insult.
You stole my pen, you weener!
by Diggity Monkeez February 21, 2005
193 79
A person who is cowardly and does not push themselves to get further, who is a little nerdy. Also a group of weeners is called a Weener Brigade
Someone who does not want to join a local football team due to being scared of 'big men' being there is a weener
by Mooky182 November 23, 2009
43 20
A word used to describe an unusually small penis. This word is often found offensive to those with minute genital organs. Also see todger.
Examples being "Put your weener away you weedy shit" and "Oh my god WORRAWEENER!!!"
by oldskooljammer September 23, 2005
43 39
a small penis apparently
he is a weener he has a small penis
by emma101 April 30, 2005
96 92
A term used when referring to dedicated fans of the rock band Ween. Weeners are often characterized by a bizarre fixation with the duo and interact regularly in the fan community.
Over at Hill's Ween forum, you can find some of the most demented Weeners around -- people unlike ourselves, willing to tattoo themselves with the almighty Boognish.
by Brian Harvey November 09, 2005
58 57
A term used by immigrants who speak minimal english in reference to those who cross the U.S.border first.
"Jose crossed the border before la migra caught the rest of us.He's a 'WEENER' !
by Jeff8A November 25, 2007
27 28