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A Nittany Lion is the male alternative to a "Cougar."

A Nittany Lion is an older male that seeks sexual company from a younger man or boy.

The term was made popular by Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach and alleged sexual predator.
That priest is such a Nittany Lion, that altar boy is screwed... literally.
by We Are! Sexual Predators! November 08, 2011
male equivalent of "cougar"; adult male who hunts for sex with younger men, either in a bar, club, or locker room
Example 1:

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, a sick, twisted fuckhead and reported nittany lion, is currently under investigation for molesting young boys.

Example 2:

I dunno, Michelle. He's pretty hot, but he looks like a nittany lion.

Example 3:
Hey, man. Just because I went to Penn State in the 60s doesn't mean I'm a nittany lion.
by Humbert the Defenestrated November 09, 2011
Just as Cougar is older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man... A Nittany Lion is a older man who try's to score with little boys.

Old men who like litte boys...a Nittany Lion.

Jerry Sandusky is a Nittany Lion
PSU Alumni #1: Did you hear about Jerry Sandusky and the scandal at our beloved school?

PSU Alumni #2: No I didn't!!

PSU Alumni #1: Apparently, he was busted touching little boys.

PSU Alumni #2: Oh yeah, he's a Nittany Lion

Old man #1: Have you had your Nittany Lion yet?

Old man #2: Fuck yes, I love me some Nittany Lion!
by Duderlistic November 10, 2011
An older man who chases and has sex with younger males. The male version of a "cougar".
It was 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon and Jerry, a nittany lion, was on the prowl outside of State College Elementary School looking for 3rd graders to cornhole in the team locker room.
by Swear2G November 08, 2011
1) a student at Penn State University
2) the lovable mascot of Penn State University.
3) a cougar from Mt. Nittany in State College, PA.
"Those Nittany Lions always kick our asses" -the cumulative Big 10 conference
by Kraz January 07, 2004
When an older man goes after a younger boy. Kind of like a cougar, but with two men.
-So, did you hear about Jerry Sandusky?
-Yeah, that dude is such a Nittany Lion.
by PSU Fan 4 November 08, 2011
The male counterpart to the female "cougar", as in an older man that pursues inappropriately-aged younger men for sexual conquest.
Boy, that Penn State defensive coordinator is a REAL Nittany Lion.
by jmitchers November 08, 2011
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