a tall thin guy has muscles and love pussy he has a huge uncut dick and love the ladies
hey Sam

can u take me home


then can we...
yes then we can fuck
by pseudonym poop March 26, 2013
Soft As a Motherfucker. Similar to the phrase going HAM you can use the phrase going SAM to describe someone or something that is not good. This works especially well if you are talking about a person named Sam.
Awww man im doing terrible at COD right now.

Yeah i know, your really going sam.
by Alwind September 07, 2012
Will always care for you when your sick or sad and try everything possible to make you laugh.
And is really sexy.
Sam will bring home ice blocks when your feeling ill and does a little monkey dance just to make you smile.
by BtheB August 31, 2012
Is a really nice guy who generally fantasies about stuffing animals up his arse, has a huge appetite for food and drugs. he uses inventive words yet random words, he can be very cocky but a people person, kind, funny and on regularly basis likes to smell his own farts.
''Hey man Is it necessary to smell that while eating?''

''Indecisively it is necessary biryani breath''

''I really like you man you soo funny and i know you've had a lot of drugs tonight but what are you doing to that squirrel.

''Now your here, nothing... why dont you go home to your barbarian mum? :D''

''Hey man!! your acting like a right sam''
by The_King123123 March 12, 2012
Someone who gets trapped in the toilet.
"did you hear what happened the other day, she was a total sam".

"There she was taking pictures of the guy's skidmarks when the door locked itself behind her, she had to phone for help, what a sam moment".
by Gizmoobb117 January 29, 2012
One who prefers the sexual company of inanimate objects, usually stuffed animals.
Did you see what that man is doing over there? He's definitely a Sam.
by Carolina B23 January 21, 2012
1) A blondie porn addict skater boy.

2) Stands for Super At Mastrabtion
1) Girl1: You see that guy over there?
Girl2: The blonde one? Yea.
Girl1: I know him. He's a total Sam.

2)His left arm is more musclar than the right. He must be a Sam
by ChocolateNarwhal December 28, 2011

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