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the pieces of lint that stick to a man's ball sack.
The grot was making my balls itch.
by The King of Swing001254 January 21, 2009
noun: Trash, garbage, or filth.
British slang.
Famously, in the 1970s BBC comedy "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin," Reggie opened a doomed (he hoped) shop that sold old bits of trash and scrap recycled into completely useless items. He called it "The Grot Shop." (To Reg's horror, the shop was wildly successful, leading to a string of Grot Shops and, eventually, Grot Industries.)
Something that is "grotty" has a look of filth about it.
"Look at this wonderful planter I got at the Grot Shop."
"It looks like a grotty old shoe, to me."
by Mike Eldred January 22, 2008
Similar to scrub, grot is used to define an unclean or otherwise dirty event, person or thing.
Today I was a grot and wore the same clothes I had on yesterday.
by Tim August 23, 2004
a small orkish relative, approximately 2-3 feet high, they speak in silly squeaky voices. usually kicked, beaten and trodden on by larger orks. And then eaten.
SHURRUP! *kick*
Grot: AIEEE!! Please, no more kicking!
by Arrow January 10, 2005
Another word for a sweet or sweets used in South Cheshire.
Been to the grot shop mate, got any grots?
by Matt1710 August 16, 2006
Pornography, whether in print or audio-visual format.
'A grot shop has opened on Kilburn High Road.'
by The Moai April 14, 2005
An item of underwear that has been worn and is sitting in the laundry basket waiting to be washed. Often features suspicious white crispy stains.
"Ere, make sure you fish out me grots before you put that wash on, my love".
by tom December 26, 2004
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