Smart Ass Masochist

A rude or pushy person who acts out, tries to dominate others or pick fights hoping to be punished (what they really want). Especially in the BDSM community. Basically a sub who acts like a dom but really wants to be smacked down by a real dom.
Example: (couple watching movie)
"Why'd that guy mouth off to the dominatrix?"
"He's a SAM."
"Smart Ass Masochist. He's acting up so he'll get the punishment he actually wants without looking like a snivelling wimp."
by Gamerjim June 26, 2014
A somewhat attractive guy who can make you believe you're in love with him like that. And can make you belive he loves you too. All he really cares about is sex and nudes. In the end he's extremely untrustworthy and a back-stabbing cunt. He will leave you like that if you make one mistake and never want anything to do with you ever again. He never acts like himself in front of other people. He's too worried about being cool, and getting the douchebag's to like him. Yet he's so attractive. You should definitley stay away from all Sam's if you don't want your life to be destroyed. He's just too fake.
1.Stupid Girl: I love you Sam!
Sam: I love you too!
(one week later)
Stupid Girl: I love you Sam!
Sam: Stay away from me I want nothing to do with you ever again!

2.Brittany: Sam is so awesome and sweet when we text!
Ellen: But how does he act at school around his douche friends
Brittany: He's a total douchebag..

3.Emily: I trusted Sam to be there but he just left me when things got too hard.
Cami: He always does that. He can't handle anything

4. Sam: why did you send nudes to my ex??
Sam's friend: You said you didn't care about her anymore!

Sam: I lied! I just tell people that to seem cool.*crying*
Sam's friend: Just be yourself man. You act like a douche and I know that's not you.

5. Everyone that know's the good Sam: You're so fake.
by dtjsyjffhg May 12, 2014
(v.) to learn or play a song by ear
originated in Chile as an acronym SSAM (sin saber antemano which translates to "without knowing beforehand"
Shane: Can you play the song 1000 Miles for me?

Dale: No, I need the sheet music to play a new song.
Christian: I've never played it but if I listen to the song I can sam it.

Shane: Awesome!
by thebugleboys February 13, 2014
Sam is usually handsome and funny. He can lift your day with his humor! He loves to read and is very bright. He's average and athletic. He has a great smile. He has amazing hair and brown eyes, he is skinny and shortish. He is always happy and is a great friend. If you are friends with him, feel lucky! You have an amazing friend!
Look at that hair, he's a Sam!
by Bridget Poliacio February 07, 2014
A guy u can never get mad at! And asks for hugs and is so smart and handsome and cute. Perfect everything his lovable! And always making people's days. He is a nice guy!
Me: Sam can I have a hug?

Sam: ya

Me: thx
Sam: anytime I love u
Me: ok
by Ilovepie4321 February 07, 2014
Sam a very attractive female, who is always misunderstood by her name, as male. She is strong willed, confident, and not afraid to speak her mind. A Sam has a very big booty, and few, but good friends. If u are a Sam u are very lucky, and will succeed in life. She is most likley to become a famous sports player or a nude model.
"Damn, bro!" Look at that Sam! I can't BELIVE u let her go!"
" I know man, worst mistake"
by ASamWhosHeard-Spamedglich August 21, 2013
Sam is the name of an amazing guy who is prepared to do anything, even to the jeopardy of himself, for his loved ones. He is always faithful, kind, sweet and funny. His friends care for him more than he knows and although he is cared for. He often feels like everything is either against him or he has done something accidentally to offend someone. He has never done such a thing in his life. He is a guy that once you have hold of him, you don't let go, he is too special to lose. He will make anyone feel like they are his main priority and they will feel like the most beautiful girl in the world because of how he treats them.
Girlfriend:"Back of bitch Sam is mine."
Another girl:"But I really really want him."
Sam:"Too bad, I'm hers"
by RazorEverAfter August 12, 2013

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