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You know, Sam is not what you think.
1 Sam is a boy or man who really cares. Someone who can change your mind when you're sad or make you laugh when your day has been terrible.
2 A romantic from either gender. A boy or girl who believes there's really someone out there who matters and who they matter to. Someone they can hold on to for the rest of their life and love forever. No strings attached.
3 A Sam is a good looking guy. The kind of guy who makes you look twice when you're walking down the street.
1. Amy: I've just had a pretty bad day...

Sam: >says amazing things<

Amy: Oh Sam... :)
2. Amy: I don't really think there's anyone out there for me...

Sam: Of course there is. Never give up hope!
3. Amy: Did you see that guy?

River: He was totally a Sam...
by katiecutie36 October 09, 2011
3 2
Sam means the name of one person who is:
"I bet your not me"
by UrbanDefinitions September 22, 2006
8672 5231
Sexy Attractive Male
"Hi I'm a sexy attractive male, but you can call me Sam for short."
by Samuel C January 20, 2007
6699 4334
Sam is a really great guy who has many friends and many people love him. You can trust him with everything and anything! He is always there for his friends and can make you happy at the worst of times. He is one of those people that you can just get on with and easily spend a happy amount of time with. Every girl would be lucky to have a guy like sam and even though he is annoyingly smart he is also witty, charming, cute and has great hair. He also is a music genius! He never gives himself enough credit for the great person he is. He has a large affect on people's lives- more than he will ever know. Basically he is an easy guy to love and someone you never want to lose from your life. So hope to always know him and that he will never change.
"See that guy over there, yeh he could so be called Sam."
by macca girl December 28, 2009
3259 1305
sam is a very common name. it is usually given to people who are very cool indeed. people by the name sam are the greatest.
whitey. "man you two are cool, what are your names?"
SamW. "my name is sam williams,"
SamF. "my name is Sam Fox,"
whitey. "damn i wish i was a sam, sams are so cool and good at basketball, sam williams is a better dunker than me, sam fox is just a damn good player,"
then at once they all said "LEGEND!!!"
by whitedog November 22, 2006
4050 2903
a man that causes uncontrollable sexual desire in attractive girls
attractive girl) damn i want Sam now
by .......................,.,.,., August 11, 2008
3086 1981
Sam is short for Samuel. Will be an awesome friend and really nice. his hair is unbelievably soft. He has girls chasing after him and he will chase them back. HILARIOUS!..cute kid..

" that guy is such a cutie. he is funny and sweet. he must be a Sam."
by you know baby! April 26, 2009
1299 776
usually a male with an extremely large cock with bulgy veins and a big proud head. This abnormally is due to excessive masturbation.
Person 1: Dude did you see that guys dick in that porno?It was colossal!
Person 2: Ya dude! I bet that guys name was Sam!
by Sam Dodge March 15, 2008
2612 2133