A goregous, funny, loving athletic girl with a perfect body. Shes a great friend, Shes fun to hangout with, You can trust her with any secret.
The guys love her and are always chasing her:)
Guy1: have you seen that girl sam?
Guy2: yyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Guy1: shes madddd hot
Guy2: i kno
by peacelovesexiiiii August 14, 2009
The definition of a sam is a person who is not really afraid to show her real self and doesnt care what anyone thinks of her despite what she might do. A sam is also someone who can get through anything despite the situation as well as knowing what to do, and she will get through her troubles (i know it)!!! Please cheer up Sam!! Please! i dont like seeing you sad!
Sam is as tough as nails!
by Daniel Alan Gibson August 13, 2008
A very nice boy, who is kind and caring towards everyone, although quite shy when it comes to talking to people one to one, or meeting new people. He is very bright, and has the urge to be popular, even though it may be difficult for him to be popular, because of his shy personality.

He can be quite pushy or seen as pressurising especially once in a relationship, although he never purposley tries to be. He is the kind of person who is sensitive, and hates to be broken hearted, and always needs love in his life. But once you get to know him, you will love him.

We love you Sam!
Person 1:

Are you still going out with that Sam boy?

Person 2:
Yes, but i need to be careful not to break his heart.
by anon12345678910 February 15, 2012
sam is a boy who is very cute and very sweet , but can be mean at times when he feels the need. he will lead you on and make you fall in love , and then he will most likely break your heart and u will still love him.
man , im still not over sam .
by urbanngirl April 14, 2011
One of he most smartest, most funny people on the planet. Sam is good at everything but isnt over confident and he doesnt brag. He usually likes to prase others instead of himself. He is one of the most lovae-able, kind hearted person you will meet and you shoud snatch him up before anyother girl does because he is a hot ticket.
Person 1: Oh my god, Sam just asked me out on a date!
Person 2: Oh my gosh you must snatch him because he is a sexy wild cat!
Person 1: Its alright. I already said YES!
by SamJam! April 21, 2011
A girl who acts more like a guy then she does a girl.When hanging with the guys, shes one of the dudes, not a dudet. Normaly engangeing in the manly man activities aswell. The name Sam is shortend from Samantha. Hence helping with her boyish attitude.
Dude A: "Dude, look at her, shes just like the guys!"
Dude B: "Nope, shes just Sam."
by 19inchesofhillshirefarms October 25, 2009
A good looking boy, with an extremely large cock, the Sam's that work in real estate tend to have the biggest cocks in the office.
Tony: Rick, How big is your cock
Rick: it's 21 inches Big, but if i show you and Sam happens to see it, i would feel embarrassed
Tony: Why???
Rick: Well im Captain Erector with a 21 inch cock, But Sam has a 21 Meter Cock
by Don_Salvo April 22, 2009

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