Sam is an awesome name as it resembles an awesome person!
For example in a conversation.

Person one: oh did you hear that awesome joke?

Person two: which one?

Person one: that one that sam did

Person two: Who's sam?

Person one: that awesome guy...

Person two: oh yes he is awesome
by babefrm93 March 08, 2009
An uuber rad guy, who makes a great boyfriend, also referred to as a Llama.
He's the best guy ever what a sam!
by laurelmarie1991 January 30, 2009
The kindest person I have ever met, so generous and so dam sexy! Everything about him is top notch! My best friend.

Out of everything though the best thing about him is that he chose me to love everyday for the rest of his life.

Love You xx
Person 1: Who is that sexy guy over there?
Me: My boyfriend Sam :D
Person 1: Some people get all the luck...
by kimiko121 February 07, 2010
short for Standard Asian Measurement. Offically 4'11, 95 lbs. A way to measure anything using a standard asian person as your guide.
That 2 story building is roughly 6 sams tall.

by Kevin J April 28, 2006
One of the most amazing guys you will ever meet in your entire life. He makes you feel certain ways that are hard to explain. Everything thing he says and does seems to fill you will joy somehow. it's impossible to let someone this special just pass you by, which is why once you met a Sam, never ever let him go.
'I met this guy called Sam.'
'THATS AWESOME! I wish I could meet a Sam'
by nikkinicolie April 11, 2010
the awesomeest person on the face of the planet
he is the sweetest dude ever
with the brightest eyes ever
he can make you happy when your sad
hes a sexxxyyy beasttt
he fucking roxxx and if you dont agree you can go fuck a rock(:
by <= May 07, 2010
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