Short for Samantha; A Beautiful girl that is fun, nice, hot, fun to be around, a great person, if you ever meet her befriend her asap! Although its clear that she is great, she doesn't believe it, but thats just her nature. :)
My day has been going bad... T_T
Oh Sam is here!!! :DDD
by seensunforthefirsttime February 04, 2010
the awesomeest person on the face of the planet
he is the sweetest dude ever
with the brightest eyes ever
he can make you happy when your sad
hes a sexxxyyy beasttt
he fucking roxxx and if you dont agree you can go fuck a rock(:
by <= May 07, 2010
Acronym for Severe Acute Masturbation Syndrome.

Describes the affliction of belting off so much that you shun your friends, have violent mood swings, believe the internet is talking to you personally and refuse to actually have sexual relations with another human being.
Since Liam got a broadband internet connection he has developed a debilitating case of SAMS
by Longtimelistener December 06, 2010
Sam is an amazing man with a great sense of humor. He can always make any girl laugh or smile. Also is amazing in bed if you can get him there. But if you do trust me you will be in for a good time. On top of that he is a sweet guy. He may have a hard exterior and may look angry sometimes but he's just focused. But I wouldn't want to piss him off. Makes an amazing boyfriend. He's the type of boyfriend that will do anything just to see you smile. Even if that means making a huge trip out of his way to see you. Or write you a letter telling you how much he loves you. Any girl would be lucky to have him. So if you have a Sam don't ever let him go. You will regret it.
1. Jessica: "dang that guy over there is sexy!"

Brianna: " yeah I know, his name is Sam"

Jessica: " Oh well that explains it."

Jessica: " I heard he's amazing in bed"

Brianna: " Thats true but only with his girlfriend.

Jessica: " Awh, man"

2. Sam to Jolene I love you babe, you are thee best girlfriend in the world!
by sweetthang123 August 25, 2010
A goregous, funny, loving athletic girl with a perfect body. Shes a great friend, Shes fun to hangout with, You can trust her with any secret.
The guys love her and are always chasing her:)
Guy1: have you seen that girl sam?
Guy2: yyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Guy1: shes madddd hot
Guy2: i kno
by peacelovesexiiiii August 14, 2009
Sam is one of the most wonderful guys I have ever met. He will always make you laugh no matter how sad you are. He cares about you more than you know, even though some people may think he is an asshole, he is the sweetest man. He would save you from an alligator as long as it didn't try to eat him. He is perfect in every way possible. Best guy!!!!
I wish my boyfriend was Sam.
by Kxann September 05, 2010
A handsome and amazing person.

He says little things that make you blush.

He makes all the other girls swoon and doesnt notice becuase he is to busy with his girl.

He has an amazing dress sense and never seems to be unhappy.

Always has a smile

Has a duck called liam.

Loves a girl called Beckie
That boy is such a sam

I know he makes my heart beat.

But he is with Beckie *cries*
by LoveHim4Lyf September 02, 2008

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