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To act like an obnoxious, conceited, egotistical, unfunny, sexually abusive attention whore who thinks he's god's gift to women.

However it may also refer to the act of claiming that anything stupid that someone does was merely a 'social experiment'.
"Dude, don't pull a 'Sam Pepper' on me. Confess your sins"
by Zeptinune September 26, 2014
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A very generic, British youtuber and American socialite.

Very large Ego, feeds off of approval from others. Puts videos up that give the illusion that he cares for the homeless, but it's all just a gag to get attention. He acts like a great guy in his videos, but people who have met him in person say he's a totally jerk.
Sam Pepper. Typical generic skinny kid with a trendy haircut and tattoos that shallow women love to follow.
by IMOP August 31, 2013
To pull a Pepper. To act like a complete and utter twat for no apparant reason whatsoever.

To make rude comments, and to swan about being rude and/or obnoxious.
Oh my god. He's turned into a complete Sam Pepper!
by Finley-Marie August 04, 2010
The act of getting on top of a girl with your penis out, and continuing to masterbate.
Hey babe can I Sam Pepper you?
by jmon3000 October 30, 2014
A gorgeous specimen who was a contestant on the UK's Big Brother 11.

Although Sam didn't win the show he was definitely the funniest and has the most fame since it's finish.
Sam makes youtube videos and has been recognised to become a partner. He is also on twitter and has the most followers out of all past Big Brother contestants.

Make sure you subscribe to and follow him.
You won't regret it, he is fucking hilarious and is absolutely gorgeoussssss.
Do you know who Sam Pepper is?
Obviously. He's fucking amazing.
by Beckyx July 06, 2011

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