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a simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns in a battle.
salvo the men! we're ready for battle
by Jake January 01, 2004
Short for Salvation Army
I got that rancid sofa at Salvo.
by Sarah December 14, 2003
An affectionate nickname for the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It is a second-hand store where you can get clothes, furniture, and housewares for cheap!
Jill: Where did you get that fly shirt you're wearing?
Jack: I got it at the Salvo, baby.
by BassT0theFace February 06, 2008
When a man fuck all your friends and makes you apologize. The premises for his criterias to sexual intercourse is a heartbeat within a 2 mile radie. A Salvo is often defined to be a narcissistic asshole with no love or sympathies for anyone but himself. To date a salvo is probably the worst mistake of your life and just as much fun as a poke in the eye.
"So, how did your date go?"
"Oh, jeeez... A typical Salvo, I rather cheese grate my nipples than go out with him again"
by pseudonym858 October 10, 2013
When a male ejaculates on his own chest, allows the ejaculate to dry and then flexes his pectoral muscles in order to crack the dry ejaculate. This act is often performed for self gratification and can take place in front of a mirror or in the presence of other males.
That guy with the dragon tattoo just Salvo'd all over his chest.
by DcShitty May 16, 2009
really good seafood resteraunt.
Lets go to Salvo's and eat until our stomachs burst and stomach juice flies all over everyone.
by Mia&Lys June 29, 2003
A male, often teenage, who sticks household objects up his arse.
"Did you here about that salvo?"

"omg no?! what did he use?"

"a candle!"
by truthteller08 June 16, 2009
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