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When two fat/obese lesbians go at it.
"I heard Jill did the Safety Scissors with Amy the other day."

"Are you talking about the Amy that eats at Wendy's everyday?"

"Yeah, her."

"That's disgusting..."
by hornyhamsters September 05, 2009
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A set of scissors meant to be used by children which reduce the chance of injury. There are many adults who should also be limited to the use of these "tools".
Hank - "Man, look at that gash on Glen's hand!!"

Trevor - "Yep, that guy should have stuck to the safety scissors!"
by Ceritus July 14, 2006
When two girls scissor with their clothes on.
Sara told Jenny she had contracted an STD, so Jenny suggested they use safety scissors from now on.
by jonny mac and jizz April 28, 2009
A pair of scissors that has been made so that they are unable to cut anything besides human flesh, and therefore considered "childproofed". This supports the theory that humans are getting stupider (see airport and educational television).
"Safety scissors are comletely useless."
by Kazyan July 13, 2006

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