1. Pathetic.
2. Said when someone does something annoying or is being a cunt.
1. "You wank 10 times a day? That's sad."
2. "Fuck Off, sad cunt."
by Diego August 17, 2003
pathetic or boring.
this site is sad
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
SAD, also know as Semi Attractive, Disgusting is a way to judge a girl on their looks. SAD girls are hot/attractive but they also have attributes that make them disgusting. SAD girls are fuckable but your bro's might give you shit if they fin out.
Garrett-"Yo man, that Amanda chick is sad"
Chris-"I have to agree, she's hot but kinda has a mustache."
by Nigger1.0 October 13, 2011
A part of speech that can be prefixed, suffixed or infixed to any word in order to emphasise the level of pathetic being described. For example, it can be used to diss computer games, eg. World of Sadcraft, Call of Sadness. Or, it can be incorporated into someone's name: Have you seen Sadathan (Jonathan) or Sadtricia (Patricia) lately?
Dude 1: You're such a bad skater, you should give it up
Dude 2: I know - I totally failed on my sadboard yesterday
by Silversword May 11, 2011
The acronym for SUCK A DICK
"bite me" you reply "SAD"
by chunkzzzzzzzzzzzzz June 03, 2009
holla SAD HOE
by POP killa November 13, 2008
Suck A Dick, putting a dick in your mouth and sucking on a cock
go SAD! we were all pissed at each other so i screamed as loud as i could go sad
by muhammad saeed April 21, 2008

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