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Elusive monster that captivates Tommy Pickles, and scares the shit out of Chuckie.
Tommy: Damn, Chuckie we almost caught the Sachmo!!

Chuckie: I'm scared!!!! (trembling)
by Wolfman77 March 14, 2010
An extension of the sexual act known as a "Rusty Trombone." To get a rim job, with the reach around, with the addition of the receiver farting to blow up the cheeks of the person doing all the work, thus resembling Louis Armstrong... "Sachmo."
That bitch tickled my ass so much with her tongue that I farted and gave her a Sachmo...and came on her dog.
by Alessandro Fuentes June 03, 2007
word comes form the trumpet player Lewis Armstrong's nickname "sachmo"

a girl with good head.
a girl that knows how to "blow"
that girl is a sachmo,she can play my trumpet anytime.
by upstate N.Y. December 02, 2004
Sachmo is when you perform a rusty trombone, and the giver farts in the receiver's mouth. This puff of gas causes the cheeks to expand and puff out, and the cheeks look like Sachmo's.
Andy: Woah Devante, your cheeks look huge, and there are some crusties on your pubes. You stink like ass hole too.

Evan: That's because he just got Sachmo'd by Miss Salupo.

Miss Salupo: :) My turn.
by Illgivuasatchmo March 09, 2009
Another word for a sausage roll
"I'll have two sachmo's with sauce"
by FJC January 16, 2005
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