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Adj: When you're Shacking whether from something got you scared or from cold.
Example 1:
Josh: Hey Josh! look at peter he's probably trembling.
Doug: I know he's just super cold.

Example 2:
Carlos: Ama beat you up once i get done of this shit!!
Tom: (in a sarcastic way) Oh Gosh!! Carlos, please don't... I'm trembling now!!
by Goooffy August 11, 2011
28 2
(adj.) - Particularly in Jewish culture, a man or woman (particularly Orthodox) who exhibits stereotypically gay behavior.

Etymology: This term is derived from the title of a film which documents the lives of both out and closeted gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews, "Trembling Before G-d"
"His challah plate is shaped like a disco ball. That boy is trembling!"

"Oy! That faygele..! He trembles!" (variation)

"He might be married, but, girl, you KNOW he has tremors from time to time." (variation, using "tremors" as a reference to the term "trembling")
by Trembling Faygele August 05, 2006
7 26