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A person that is usually fun and may act crazy, but very funny. It is also someone who is intelligent, but doesn't brag about it. He also likes to laugh alot, but gets to work when needed.
Devante is so crazy, I can't wait to go to class with him!!
by Vante August 28, 2008
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tease, plays games with your heart, sexy, freak ;)
that nigga was a devante!!!
by shakira bobira February 21, 2009
He is not like any nigga you would know. He is the sweetest boy you could meet. He is the most perfect figure in my opinion and he's like kind of kid you look up to. He keeps his grades high in school yet he still lives a wild life outside of school. He is amazing and just looking into his eyes, could make any girl fall in love. Hes not a relationship person, which is a bummer but he is faithful and very trustworthy. His personalitly is perfect and he cares for his family! we need more men like that in this world, he takes care of and would never let anything happen to his siblings. He also cares for his friends and wouldn't let anything happen to him.
"That guy is perfect."

"oh his name must be Devante"
by Samuel kleedis January 22, 2013
another word for big headed
boy1- im sooo sexy
boy 2- damn, your such a devante
by beast12 June 22, 2008
The state of being extremely lazy
Crystal didn't want to go to school, so she pulled a Devante and sat on her couch all day.
by CAD210 December 05, 2009

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