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4 definitions by FJC

another name for the pub
"You goinmg to the pubski on friday?"
by FJC January 16, 2005
someone who wouldn't come to maccas on a thursday night art class
person 1 "jason coming to maccas?"
person 2 "nah he's a sellout"

by fjc January 18, 2005
Fnuh is another word for fucked, as in being drunk/intoxicated
"Man i am so fucken fnuh'

"Look how fnuh mario is"

"We are going to get fnuh on the weekend"

"I have never been so fnuh before"
by FJC January 16, 2005
Another word for a sausage roll
"I'll have two sachmo's with sauce"
by FJC January 16, 2005