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Those DNA modified hampsters that sing and play guitar
by marty donnellon March 31, 2004
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spongemonkey's are those fonky-looking demented hamsters on the quiznos commercials. a.k.a....the coolest things ever!
"eat quiznos suuuuuuubs! coz they are good to uuuuuus!! they are tasty they are crunchy they are warm because they toast them! THEY GOT A PEPPER BAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"eat quiznos suuuuuuubs! coz they are good to uuuuuuuus! when you bring in a coupoooooooon for things to eat or oil changes!!!!! or pony rides or hair pluuuuuuuugs! subs are a dollar off.....BEWARE OF PAPER CUUUUUUUUUTS!!!!"
by marni March 07, 2004
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the funniest creatures u see in the quiznos commercials and on
"We like da mooooon! Cuz it's close to us!"
by Dirge February 13, 2005
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Those little hamster things on the Quiznos commercials. They are the pimps of the mascot world.
If you hate the sponge monkeys than i'll kick your goddamn ass. Bitch!
by Vicious1988 March 08, 2004
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those crazy- ass weirdos that have bulging eyes and mouths that move even when the thing isn't talking. they have a voice worse than LaToya jackson. They have out of tune guitars and funky clothing. I love em.
"we love the suuubbbbsss....subs are a doooooollllllaaaarrrr off....." you know, does a dollar really matter for buying a freakin' sandwich? i dont think so. Screw the cupons. long live the spongemonkies.
by the real slim shady April 26, 2004
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Singing roadkill-like creatures with eyes that fluctuate in size constantly and the mouths of humans. Sponge monkies try to convince people to eat from Quizno's.
"WE LOVE THE SUBS!"-singing sponge monkey
by dpo June 21, 2004
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those scarry ass things on the quizno's comercial
'we love quiznos subs, because they're toasted' and other crazy random shits like that
by allievmarie February 13, 2004
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