those scarry ass things on the quizno's comercial
'we love quiznos subs, because they're toasted' and other crazy random shits like that
by allievmarie February 13, 2004
Thoes scary rat things off the quizno's subs commercial.
Sponge monkeys scare the shit out of me.
by Chicken March 19, 2004
A small creature that evolves from a used feminine hygiene pad.
"You should clean your bathroom because there are sponge monkeys everywhere. You dirty slut."
by ISAAC THE GREEN March 24, 2004
The teenage guy paid to squeegee the cum off the glass of the booth after a peep show.
Working as a sponge monkey I earn heaps! Down side is Im up to my arms in sperm every day and I have to supply my own squeegee.
by orc chops July 05, 2013
those fucking talking roadkill that are supposed to inspire eating a quiznos sub
mmmm those sponge monkeys are making me hungry
by matt March 07, 2004
A discriptive word or insult towards a very large women who suffocate men while taking part in sexual intercourse.
"you are a fucking sponge monkey, fat ass"
by vagagaga December 14, 2007
when a girl is so much fatter than her partner that he/she flatlines while having sex
ajas such a sponge monkey!
by tenequia December 13, 2007

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