sales promotion and marketing; Unwanted Junk Mail, paper or electronic. First learned with mass mail fliers, then learned on BBS Bulletin Board Services for you young people that do not know. Then with E-mail. then with tojan/spyware.
"We hate spam, so we'll never spam you. See our privacy policy."
by Aardvarck August 05, 2012
A Spam is when you smack a guy on the forehead with a flat hand or preferably a fish while shouting Spam.

Can be played as a Spam war, which is a version of Uncle but with spamming.
Random Guy: Spam!

A Random Spaztard: Oww! Now i'll tell my mommy!


Random Guy: Spam War!!!
Random Guy's Friend: I'm never gonna say uncle!
1 Minute Later...
Random Guy's Friend: UNCLE!!!
by Mmmmmmmm Kittens July 31, 2011
grinded up meats into one chunk of meat. kind of oily but WE HA-Y-NS LOVE IT
ey braddah we go grind some spam musubi's eh?
by ihatehaoles808! May 25, 2009
1) A type of lunch meat.
2) An unsolicited and usually annoying email usually reserved for advertising.
3) Gaming #1: the overuse of any weapon (i.e. grenades, rocket launchers, etc.)
4) Gaming #2: in RTS (real time strategy) games, to mass produce a certain unit (usually only one or two--especially used with over powered weapons) to use in a quick, game-winning assault.
I really hate playing against John--he does nothing but sit back in his base (often called turtling) and spam out two dozen tanks that kills anything in their path.
by Chris D.888 September 23, 2008
The words of a person over && over && over again on the internet. It`s pretty much useless. But people have exceptions because of their really slow computer or internet they maybe little unpatient brats wanting you to hear what they haft to say so they click the 'DONE' button over 934894589038589408508309498598309 times. =]
Girl: Dude why did you spam me?
Boy: Your picture on myspace was hott & I wanted you to know
Girl: Ok?
Boy: OHHH && my internet is slow.
by SarahWHATWHAT? March 05, 2007
1. The adverb used to describe the act of sending either unwanted or unsollicited material via the web from one web user to another. Often containing advertising material or fraudulent schemes to gain riches or to enlarge one's penis. Generally sent by fucking annoying assholes who have nothing better to do and require anonimity to protect themselves from having the shit beaten out of them by reasonably minded individuals.

2. The pleural of the word spam;
Can be loosely described as a food, more specifically a meat, that has been processed and appears in metal cans. The advertising for which is renowned for being as annoying as the other spam.
1. He who spams makes me want to encourage radical Islam

2. These Spams, the product range of the so called hamburger meat, tastes like fake poo.
by D to tha Mizzle January 15, 2007
1. Something to do when Urban Dictionary rejects your definitions it is also Something that is used to advertise a business or a channel and often will annoy the living shit out of people. Often it will continue to come back in your inbox so beware. AND watch out! Other times people may try to type letters over and over again in the chat box this is also spam and is very annoying!
2. IT is also a canned food.
GUY: Hey I got an Email maybe it's from a famous person.


Hello they're sir you are the 10,00th person to get this you have won an iPhone 6 Plus all you have to do is send us 10,000$ and you will get a phone for 600$.
GUY: SHHIIIT! Stupd spam! *Deletes*

Wait there's another Email what if It's from a celebrity. *Clicks*
Hey there would you like to try our product for 29.99 A month you can try our anti-ball-itch cream made from real STDS. The tube will last for up to 3 hours and works for a few minutes.
Side Effects Include: AIDS
Ebola and

by MaDawgTT May 14, 2015

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