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From a website for a pen business named Pen Island with the URL
Looks like penis land. Now slang for masturbation.
I'm rowing my boat to pen island. But I only have one oar.
by Zagon DeFeh December 21, 2004
a way to spell penis land
gay kid 1-"Look at my pen!"
gay kid 2-"Wow! Where did u get that?"
gay kid 1-"I foundit online on his new site called Let me write it on ur hand so u don't forget."
by Mihir March 20, 2004
An island located just south of Crotchington and north of the Testiculous Islands. Species of fowl on the island include the cockoftherock, red faced booby, Northern Screamer, Tit Babbler, and the Agile Tit Tyrant. The Angry Pirate was also known to hide buried treasure their.
by Dr. Vincent Boombotz March 25, 2009
A non-existant place that, when written carefully, will look like Penis Land. Two websites take advantage of this visual effect: -- sells custom pens. -- sells suggestive apparel from the fictional Pen Island.
by Mark1 December 10, 2006
A wonderful place where Pedo Bears roam and you can find rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns! There's a lot of good therapists there as well!
Pen Island is right of the coast of Virginia.
by penisland resident April 12, 2011
Fake custom pen website known as Pen Island - url is

Used a way to insult the ignorant
'Hey, you want a free custom pen?'

'Yeah sure!'

'Then just go to'
by quincebolis May 24, 2008
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