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An orange, semisolid substance usually mistaken for cheese. Under higher temperatures, Velveeta resembles mucilage glue.
What the fuck? You made grilled 'cheese' out of Velveeta??
by blueduck577 April 08, 2004
An act by a person that is so cheesy, it is beyond cheesiness.
" Jim is velveeta. He cries about everything! He opened his birthday card and cried!"
by Leahann October 10, 2006
$olid cheeze whiz. It doesn't even deserve the letter 'S'.
I took velveeta-
and made, a sweater.
by Zach G. February 08, 2004
1. unless you're lactose-intolerant and have a high metabolism, don't bother
2. extremely cheesy and artificial
3. excessively cross-posted (XCP) spam
Quit posting velveeta to more than SIXTY newsgroups!
by Xyzzy February 08, 2004
1. terrible excuse for cheese-related food.
2. not actually food
3. most definately not cheese
Leave it to Newfoundlanders (Newfies) to eat velveeta like it is a food group.
by litty August 26, 2003
1. The most delicious cheesy pasta that can be found in any white persons' house.
2. The rich white people version of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Melissa and Ryan enjoy cooking and eating velveeta
by Ryan Velveeta December 20, 2012
Unsolicited advertising received via fax. The equivalent of spam received on a fax machine.
I came in this morning and there was velveeta all over my fax machine!
by Hitcher March 03, 2004
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