1. a meat by product (I think it's made out of people)
2. junk e-mail
Argh! I really hate Spam!!
by Dirge February 13, 2005
1. Canned meat.
2. Stupid, pointless, annoying messages. Spam is often filled with pointless messages or repeatingly saying the same word, or an advertisement in something. Usually seen in forums and email.
3. Commonly used in an online game, FPS games mostly, is spamming something is using the same attack over and OVER and OVER again. No style whatsoever. Plus, it's annoying.
1. Spam is good.
2. I recommend you do not post spam, because you are prone to getting banned/suspended when that happens.
3. Spamming nades repeatingly is pretty annoying, except if you are working together. But they still hurt you. Yeah, it's pretty annoying.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
1. (Noun) Officially SPAM (TM) is the pork based meat product made by Hormel.

2. (Noun) In the 1970s the British comedy series Monty Python created a skit where a couple asked what was available from a restaurant. The waitress read off the available menu, and nearly every dish contained SPAM:

"There's SPAM and eggs; bacon, SPAM and eggs; SPAM, SPAM, and eggs... etc."

A group of Vikings sitting in the restaurant began chanting/singing: "SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM" making it hard to hear, and forcing the waitress to occasionally yell for them to shut up.

During the 80s the term SPAM was used, in reference to the Monty Python skit, to refer to newsgroup messages that were posted to multiple newsgroups. Since most of these were off-topic ads, the term eventually came to be used for unsolicited e-mail as well.

3. (Verb) To constantly repeat something over and over again. In video games this is often used to refer to using a particular skill or action multiple times in rapid succession. (e.g., to spam fireball) (adj. form: spammable)
1. SPAM can be fried and eaten on a bun as a SPAM-burger.

2. There's so much SPAM in this newsgroup it's hard to follow any conversations anymore.

3. Flare is one of the first spammable skills you can learn in Guild Wars. Being able to spam a skill makes it highly useful.
by Jinzo17 March 13, 2006
SPAM may stand for "Small Pointless Annoying Messages" and sometimes the "S" means "Stupid."

Spam is what n00bs use on chatboards. Posting BUMP (Bring Up My Post), or posting "S" as the topic and "hahahahahaha" as the message, this is also spam. Chain letters as well, are spam.

It is also refered to as Junk Mail you get in e-mail.
I get over fifty spam mails a day!

Stupid n00bs, posting spam everywhere we look!
by Kitty Love July 18, 2006
Another word for junk mail or junk e-mail.
It's called "spam" because no one really likes spam (the canned meat stuff), and no one really likes junk mail.
Bob: Dang I hate spam.
Lara: Oh, I like it.
Bob: You mean that canned meat stuff?
Lara: Yeah.
Bob: Umm... I was talking about the junk mail stuff.
Lara: Ohh, right. Gotcha.
by the sane maniac February 01, 2004
n. Something Urban Dictionary hates

v. Something Urban Dictionary will never do to you
We hate spam, so we'll never spam you.
by ZeroMan42 April 11, 2010
(do not forget the dot between each letter of the acronym)

acronym for stupid pathetic arrogant moron
the only place on the net where you can 'publicly' vent your anger by calling your teacher a s.p.a.m is this site- that IMHO should be banned altogether- called ratemyteacher.com
by sexydimma February 14, 2014
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