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To be Stale is to be in a Zen like state, for instance whilst having a hangover where the body is feeling sick, and the mind is not willing to do anything, hence zoning out, and being stale.
Guy 1 : Dude I’m staler than a stale cake on stale cake Wednesday
Guy 2: Dude that is stale
by Stoner422 January 08, 2009
Lacking a certain something..... Being lame, as in old, like bread, except not moldy....
Look at his stale ass! He doesn't deserve that hoe.
by home dyke April 03, 2006
means "Corny" something "not Funny",Wack
Hey guys you heard of "SafeWay" right well what if I called it "DANGEROUS WAY"

by Momado300 June 26, 2009
The most amazing creature found at the west coast of Norway. It is very cute, has big blue eyes, and calls upon you at night to go and watch the little lights in the water together. It learns people to love and trust life. You will never experience a night as magical as with a Ståle.
M: I met a Ståle last night.
L: Oh you're so lucky! How did it go?
M: It was like a Disney movie, I never felt better!
by thebelgiangirl August 08, 2010
The opposite of fresh; Lacking freshness; Missing the certain freshness acquired by fresh clothes therefore being stale
Bob: "Man look at that guys kicks! They're so stale!"
Jim: "Yeah, they're not fresh at all"

Andy: "Man, you're so stale"
Larry: "Yeah I need to get some fresh new clothes..."
by CS92 February 12, 2010
A person who always sides with the same person, even when he knows that that person is in the wrong, he still sides with him/her, because the person knows he cannot win an argument with the one he always sides with
Mrs, Reynolds is so stale, she always sides with Patrice even though she knows I didn't do anything
by Jahage November 27, 2013
A norwegian nickname given to a person (preferably boys) who have a lot of bodyhair. The hair is mostly located on the chest and stomach, but also on the back. It is also symptomatic that the person has receding hairlines.
In the locker room:
Harry: Oh my god, check out that dudes bodyhair, it's all over his body.
Jamie: Yeah, that's disgusting, and he also has reciding hairlines.
Harry: He's definitively a Ståle!
Jamie: I feel sorry for him.
by H@r@ld007 January 09, 2010
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