1.A classic in Mony Python humor. Can be bought for a very cheap price.
2.E-Mails or posts on message boards that were either pointlessly made by an annoying person, or made to annoy that were made by an annoying person. Or a link to a computer virus.
Vikings:(singing and chanting)Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam,(etc.)...
by Unknown April 27, 2003
- The crap you don't want to eat
- The crap you don't want in your inbox
- The crap you don't want on your forums
by Sapphire X February 05, 2005
1- Annoying junk emails
2- a 'meat' product
3- Usless off-topic or annoying posts at message boards,usually using the smilie ' :smoke:'
4- what one does in the unmoderated section of kraptastica
1- 'oh noes my inbox is full of teh spam!'
2- im off to the shops to buy some spam for i am poor.
3- LOLZ SEPHIR0TH ROX LOLZ :smoke::smoke::smoke:
4- i am spamming in Unmod
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
Otherwise known as Shit Posing as Mail. Unsolicited messages that have clogged millions of email inboxes with horrible advertisements ranging in everything from illegal underage porn to life insurance to penis enlargements. Spam is also often successfully used to spread email virii.
Spreading spam should be a crime punishable by drawing and quartering.
by Ares July 16, 2004
An acronym for Special Penis Anal Massage. It's a sexual euphemism for anal sex. It's a sly way to get your mate into the bed room for some anal loving. Works best in a crowd to remain discrete.
(At a party)
Jim: Hey Joy, what's up?
Joy: I'm just hanging out, what are you up to?
Jim: I'm doing the same, this party is boring.
Joy: It's really lame. I'd really love to have some SPAM right now *wink* *wink*.
Jim: Well, let's leave so I can give you what you need!
by bryri November 21, 2010
The name "Spam" was chosen in the 1930s when the product, whose original name—"Hormel Spiced Ham"—was far less memorable, began to lose market share. The name was chosen from multiple entries in a naming contest. A Hormel official once stated that the original meaning of the name Spam was "Shoulder of Pork and hAM". According to writer Marguerite Patten in Spam – The Cookbook, the name was suggested by Kenneth Daigneau, brother of the Hormel vice president and an actor.

Other explanations of the origin of the term include the acronym "Specially Processed American Meat", "Spiced Pork And haM", "Specially Processed Army Meat", and "SPAre hAM"; there are also some less-than-serious explanations, such as "Synthetically Produced Artificial Meat", "Some Parts Are Meat", "Someone's Pigs Are Missing", or "Stuff Posing As Meat". The current official explanation is the SP and AM were taken from "SPiced hAM" to win a $100 prize!

The humorous radio show Ask Dr. Science claimed it is an acronym for "Scientifically Produced Animal Matter", a product of the food synthesis experiments of the 1950s, whose "closest living relative was the Velveeta, a kind of synthetic jellyfish."

According to Hormel's trademark guidelines, Spam should be spelled with all capital letters and treated as an adjective, as in the phrase SPAM luncheon meat. However, barring having entered into a contract requiring one to do so, no one is legally obliged to follow such trademark guidelines. As with many other trademarks, such as Lego or Kleenex, people often refer to similar meat products as "Spam".
by ben the butcher January 17, 2006
1. n. Bulk mail from a stranger
v. sending unsolicited commercial email to people you don't know

2. n. a canned precooked "meat product" from Hormel Foods. "Classic Spam" consists of "pork shoulder meat with ham meat added," salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite. The product has become part of many jokes and urban legends about mystery meat, which has made it part of pop culture and folklore.

Use of the term "spam" for unwanted email was adopted as a result of the Monty Python skit in which a group of Vikings sang a chorus of "spam, spam, spam . . . " in an increasing crescendo, drowning out other conversation. Hence, the analogy applied because such bulk mail can drown out normal discourse on the Internet.
"We hate spam, and we'll never spam you." (bottom of Urban Dictionary page)
by Applied Research February 14, 2009
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